What Is EMFACE™️?

EMFACETM is a new facial treatment technology that presents a paradigm shift in how we produce facial rejuvenation and definition. The treatment uses high-intensity focused electromagnetic (HIFES) and radio frequency (RF) to give you a lasting, naturally younger appearance. The technology uses strong yet safe radio frequency and electromagnetic energies to heat your facial muscles and tissues. The skin tissue heating process is similar to an intense facial workout, helping to strengthen and tone the muscles in your face.

EMFACETM sculpts your face without injecting any substances into your body, making it a good option for people who are allergic to some of the products used in facial treatments. The skin tissue heating procedure also gives your face a healthier, naturally younger appearance. EMFACETM technology is a product of BTL Aesthetics, the company behind the revolutionary body sculpting technology Emsculpt NEOTM.

Where Can I Get EMFACETM in Texas?

Vitalyc Medspa in Texas offers several of BTL’s muscle-building therapies. We’re proud to use EMFACETM to enhance the facial aesthetics of people who visit our Texas branches. You can explore the effectiveness of this patented technology of muscle contraction at our branch in Dallas.

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The Results Speak for Themselves

If you’re looking for a facial treatment that can help you achieve youthful, radiant skin, then EMFACE is worth considering. With over 700 treatments administered to 170 patients in 9clinical studies, the results speak for themselves.

This new technology presents a paradigm shift in how we produce facial rejuvenation and definition, so if you’re looking for something different from the usual facial treatments out there, EMFACE is definitely it.

  • 37% Wrinkle reduction
  • 23% lifting effect
  • 26% increase in collagen
  • 2x increase in elastin
  • 30% increase in muscle tone
  • 92.8% reported an increase in volume improvement of face
  • 25.5% reported an increase in skin evenness
  • 90% said the result looked more natural than Neurotoxin

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Is there a difference between EMFACETM and Emsculpt NEO?

EMFACETM and Emsculpt NEOTM are both BTL’s patented muscle-building therapies that use electromagnetic energies to provide natural muscle toning. However, Emsculpt NEOTM uses HIFES to dissolve fat found around the abdomen and thighs. Since facial fat is key to having a youthful look, EMFACETM’s use of radio frequency and electromagnetic energies to stimulate tissue growth and enhance blood flow helps tone the face without reducing facial fat.

Do EMFACETM facial treatments work?

EMFACETM is one of the first muscle-building technologies of its kind and has proven very effective at improving facial aesthetics. You can trust BTL Aesthetics’ EMFACETM‘s toning process since it uses technology similar to Emsculpt NEOTM, a highly effective and reputable patented technology for thigh and abdomen toning that’s been used for years.

Why should I choose EMFACETM facial treatments?

EMFACETM is a noninvasive procedure that stimulates muscle contraction and skin healing. The natural evolution of these processes may have slowed down or stopped altogether due to aging or facial injuries. The muscle contraction and skin tissue-heating process has proven more effective for facial toning when compared to other solutions in the facial aesthetics market. You only need around four EMFACETM sessions to see a natural evolution of your facial toning.

BTL Aesthetics Muscle Building Technologies

EMFACETM is a breakthrough technology that takes muscle contraction and skin tissue rejuvenation to the next level. Vitalyc Med Spa is deeply committed to offering you the best of this patented technology at our Dallas office.

Call us at (972) 994-9700 or book a consultation to start your journey towards a youthful appearance with EMFACETM.


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