Young lady holding the coolsculpting device.CoolSculpting targets stubborn fat located across different areas of the body — you know, those areas a healthy diet and exercise can’t seem to touch? If you’ve got unwanted fat but are leery of more invasive procedures like surgical intervention, it’s the ideal choice. Instead of going under the knife, your stubborn fat cells are quite literally frozen and destroyed.

Sound like science fiction? Well, the future has well and truly arrived. Keep reading to learn more about how CoolSculpting fat removal works and who the FDA-approved treatment is best for.

How Does CoolSculpting Lead to Fat Reduction?

CoolSculpting technology uses intense cold temperatures to kill fat cells without damaging the surrounding skin and tissue. Frozen fat cells are transformed into dead fat cells, and they’re naturally eliminated by the body’s natural process of lymphatic drainage. Treatment isn’t painful at all, although some people find it causes mild discomfort due to the cold temperatures. It can take as little as half an hour, but some targeted areas might require more treatments.

A tummy tuck, traditional liposuction, laser lipo, and other current treatment paradigms are either a little invasive or full-blown surgery. As such, they require anesthesia and more downtime and are significantly more painful and difficult to recover from.

What Happens During CoolSculpting Weight Loss Treatment?

CoolSculpting is a non-invasive procedure used to eliminate fat cells in a treated area. It freezes fatty tissue, which crystallizes, then liquefies, and the body naturally removes it when you go to the bathroom. When you’re getting this cosmetic procedure, expect the following:

  1. We consult with you and devise a personalized treatment plan to destroy fat cells and leave you with the showstopping, contoured silhouette you’ve always dreamed of.
  2. During the session, your clinician places the applicator on the treatment site. You’ll feel slight suction, followed by a cooling sensation.
  3. Initially, you might feel pinching, tugging, pulling, stinging, and aching at the treatment area — this usually subsides as the fat cells freeze.
  4. The clinician removes the applicator and performs a brief massage to encourage drainage so the treated fat cells are cleared ASAP.
  5. Unlike traditional cosmetic treatment, most people find they’re able to return to work and their normal routine immediately after CoolSculpting.

Which Areas of the Body Are Treated?

CoolSculpting was originally given FDA approval for love handles but has since been cleared for another eight areas of the body. Keep in mind that it’s not a weight-loss treatment or a replacement for a healthy lifestyle. It’s a fat reduction treatment, targeting subcutaneous fat that’s resistant to diet and exercise. At Vitalyc, we like to remind our clients if you can pinch it, we can freeze it!

Love Handles

Muffin tops are an issue for women and men and can remain even when you’re at your ideal body weight. If you have pinchable fat, there’s a good chance CoolSculpting will work wonders for you.


So many people have a stubborn excess fat layer preventing them from having the washboard stomach they dream of. CoolSculpting targets exactly this type of body fat, but keep in mind that it can’t help eliminate excess skin.


CoolSculpting is a highly effective treatment for fat reduction of the inner and outer thighs. Often, no matter how much you lose weight, this area remains stubborn and affects the way you look in pants and dresses.

Double Chin

Submental fat is also known as a double chin. CoolSculpting can help destroy fat cells in this area, improving the overall contouring of your face and boosting your confidence.

Bra Fat

Bra fat is that annoying bulge that appears between your breast and armpit, often spilling out over the top of your bra. Provided this area is made up of pinchable fat rather than breast tissue, CoolSculpting can be an effective way to reduce fat.

Banana Roll

If there’s one area of the body that people pay attention to these days, it’s the booty. A pert, full backside looks great in and out of clothes, and CoolSculpting can help eliminate the fat deposits that form underneath the buttocks.

Back Fat

CoolSculpting can work wonders on areas of back fat that are resistant to healthy habits. When these spots are eliminated, clothes fit and look better, raising your confidence and sense of well-being.

Upper Arms

Upper arm fat can be particularly troublesome for women. Bat wings are a major source of embarrassment and can make finding the right angle for a photo seems impossible. CoolSculpting is one of the most effective non-surgical ways to eliminate these challenging treatment areas.

Submandibular Area Treatment

If you’re genetically predisposed to carry excess fat around your jawline, CoolSculpting can help reduce it, giving your face a more structured and youthful appearance.

How Many Sessions?

Coolsculpting on tummy

How many treatments you need depends on a number of factors. Every client has different requirements, but most people need one to three CoolSculpting sessions per treatment zone. We recommend you wait at least 4-6 weeks before getting any area re-treated.

When Are Body Contouring Results Visible?

CoolSculpting results are usually visible within one month, but the full extent of fat reduction might not be visible until up to six months after treatment. You can check out our before and after photos for an idea of what to expect once your body clears the treated fat cells.

Are There Any Risks or Side Effects to Fat Freezing?

CoolSculpting is safe, as evidenced by FDA approval, but some people may experience side effects following treatment such as:

  • Aches and pains
  • Skin sensitivity
  • Temporary redness
  • In rare cases, there’s a risk of a complication known as paradoxical fat hyperplasia. This isn’t physically damaging but causes you to gain fat rather than lose it. As such, you might need to undergo a cosmetic procedure to reverse it.

Who Is the CoolSculpting Procedure Best For?

CoolSculpting is a treatment for stubborn fat loss, not a weight loss solution. It’s less effective in clients who have obesity or high levels of fat, and it works best for individuals who are at or close to their ideal weight but have pinchable fat that won’t seem to disappear with diet and exercise.

People with the following conditions should avoid CoolSculpting:

CoolSculpting Treatments From a Trained Medical Professional

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