Forget the New Year’s Resolutions
…and look and feel your best in 2022 & beyond

Forget the New Year’s Resolutions
…and look and feel your best in 2022 & beyond

Happy 2022! And, yay! It’s time to break out that bikini! Yeah, we’re totally serious. January is traditionally when we take stock and make a plan for the year ahead. Perhaps you’ve decided that you want your body to be more slim, sleek and firm by summer. Good for you—we’re all for it, and we […]

Relieve holiday stress with these simple tips and tricks

The holiday season often brings a range of stress. Guests, shopping, meals, countless parties, family expectations, and social commitments-just to name a few. At Vitalyc Medspa, we want you to tackle the holiday stress without forgetting about the most crucial thing-YOU! Tips for juggling holiday stress without disturbing your wellness: 1. Stick to a schedule […]

Bye-Bye, Turkey Thighs!

CoolSculpting is the #1 non-surgical fat reduction and body contouring treatment. Millions of people just like you have used this innovative technology to freeze excess fat and reshape their bodies without invasive surgery or downtime. Your body will naturally dispose of the destroyed fat cells to provide permanent fat reduction. Once removed, they cannot regrow! […]

Consult Your Way to Your Most Confident Self

Like a bold haircut, liquid foundation, or your favorite activewear brand, the aesthetic procedures you choose are deeply personal. You might see something you like on a friend (or scrolling your Instagram feed), but what you invest in should be completely tailored to you — especially when it comes to your face. Despite the extensive […]

Vitalyc Celebrates One Year and the Patients That Made It Possible

The first year of any business is bound to be a challenge. But to open your doors in the throws of a global pandemic is another story entirely. Fortunately, Vitalyc always set out with a mission of making clients feel comfortable, confident, and — most importantly — safe in their decision to visit the Dallas-based […]

How to Lose Belly Fat Through CoolSculpting

We know the frustration of putting on those skinny jeans or that form-fitting dress and not seeing the flat toned stomach you were envisioning. Maybe you have tried dieting as a way to get rid of that stubborn belly fat. Perhaps, you are working tirelessly at the gym, but no matter how much you sweat, […]

Meet The Team at Vitalyc Medspa

At our office, our experienced staff’s high level of professionalism and approachability creates a welcoming environment where patients feel relaxed and comfortable. After all, enjoyable visits make for happy clients. We strive to instill confidence in our clients by helping them curate the best version of themselves using the latest Diagnostic tools and Clinical treatments […]

Freeze Fat at Vitalyc Medspa Featured On Good Morning Texas TV Show!

Vitalyc Medspa was featured on Good Morning Texas to discuss how to help you get rid of stubborn fat with the most effective noninvasive treatment available, COOLSCULPTING.   Watch to learn more about this treatment: Vitalyc Medspa is one OF the fastest growing COOLSCULPTING practices in the DFW metro and we are COOLSCULPTING Experts. Our […]

Explore Our Dallas-Based Medspa

Our Medspa is located in University Park of Dallas, Texas. The 3,600-square-foot treatment center boasts eight specialized rooms with nine lasers, targeting the entire face and body. Treatments range from a lunchtime laser with no downtime to deep resurfacing for those who have recovery time to spare. Also unique is our very own first couple’s […]